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Japanese companies, which leading global economy, want you to have a career in Japan!

Our professional support for the Japanese education and vocational opportunities will be provided to all participants of project.






Studying Japanese



Job Interview

Job Offer


Here we explain basic infromation regarding to our ASEAN Recruiting Project. You can find followings: outline, schedule, flow and the reason why we decided to start this project.

For all students who have passed our selections, we will provide a 1-year Japanese language class, without any fee(except for the expense of textbooks). 

The concept of this project is grandbreaking, and we are the first one to conduct such project in the world!


Here, we shall explain contents of Japanese education in detail.

This project has pre-determined countries, universities & majors. Therefore, please check here to find out whether you are able to join our project or not.

If your major is related to science but you couldn't find it on our list, please contact us.

Major Jaoanese companies will take part in our project.

As soon as we receive official approval from companies, we will infomr you name of the companies so please wait for it. 

Program Management Company

ASEAN Recruitng Project has been conducted by Revocommunity.corp, which is located in Tokyo.

Revocommunity is a company which supports ASEAN students for  studying abroad in Japan, as well as 

finding occupations for its graduates, without receiving any fee from students.


As this program is managed by Revocommunity which has experiences of providing educational and vocational supports, we are certain that our help leads you to form such a wonderful career!

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