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Japanese Language Education

We provide Japanese lessons about 440-660 hours per year for free.

It costs about $7,000 - $18,000 only for the tuition fees. This project, however, provides you with free Japanese lessons with some conditions.  For example, you are required to pass our strict selections, if you are absent from the lessons more than 20%, you will be forced to quit the project and so on. For return, you can receive high quality training by the professionals of Japanese education, and our fully support for finding suitable career in Japan!

About the contents of the project.

Generally, you need higher than N2 level of Japanese qualification at to be hired in Japanese companies. Thus, you need to study Japanese at least 1 to 2 years to reach that level. 


Through one-year learning, participants will be able to have a daily conversation and writing simple sentencesw. After you have passed the selection and start your career in Japan, you can improve your Japanese language skill by working in Japanese companies.

Image of the program plan of the day.

13:40〜15:10  The 5th period

09:00〜10:30  The 1st period

10:40〜11:10  The 2nd period

11:20〜12:10  The 3rd period

13:00〜13:30  The 4th period

at your classroom

at your classroom

17:30〜18:20  Japanese Class 3

at your classroom

15:30〜16:20  Japanese Class 1

16:30〜17:20  Japanese Class 2

Your University (Example)


(After the University)

This Schedule is just one example plan of the day if you were to join our project.


The actual Japanese language lesson will be coordinated with each university's class schedule.


All Japanese classes will be given at Your University's classroom.

E-learning account will be provided to all selection passers for free.

"Tsukuba Japanese E-Leaning" program, which is raising the results at many universities, will be supplied to selection passers for free.This system is supervised by University of Tsukuba International students center.


What’s “Tsukuba Japanese E-Leaning”...?


It is a e-learning service which has developed for foreigners who study Japanese. You can learn language skills with internet environment, anywhere anytime you want.

Compatible with your smart phones too!



E-learning Screen Shot

Choose the learning materials in accord with your level.

Check the progress of your Japanese skills at profile page.

Commentary for all materials.

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