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Privacy Policy for Revocommunity Corporation

We understand importance of the personal information protection in Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society and keep trying for protection of the personal information based on the following policies.



1.Acquisition Of The Personal Information


We acquire personal information by legitimate and fair means.



2.Management Of The Personal Information


We keep accuracy of the personal information and manage this safely.

We take the appropriate information security measures for unjust access, the computer virus to prevent loss of the personal information, destruction, manipulation and a leak.

We will not leak personal information and will not engage in such actions as disclosing and transmitting personal information to third parties.



3.Use Of The Personal Information


We will use personal information only for purposes necessary in the conduction of the business of The Company, which will be outlined at the time of acquisition of such information.

We perform appropriate supervision to let you maintain a secret after having conducted a fair investigation for the third party concerned when we use personal information between a third party jointly or We entrust a third party with the handling of the personal information.



4.Offer of personal information to a third-party.


We will not offer personal information to a third-party without the subject's prior consent except for cases where Japanese law permits it.



5.About Disclosure, Correction, Suspension, Removal Of Personal information, 


We confirm that the person has a right to demand disclosure, a correction, suspension, removal about personal information of the self, and we cope immediately without demur when there are these demands.

In addition, about our privacy policy, we give advice if you have any wishes or questions, please inquire to  which is the personal information inquiry window of the company.



6.Organization And The System


We appoint a personal information protection manager and implement appropriate management of personal information.

We provide all our employees with training in the protection and appropriate management methods of personal information and thereby realize thorough implementation of appropriate treatment of personal information in our businesses.



7.Development, Enforcement, Maintenance, Improvement Of The Personal Information Protection Compliance Program


We devise personal information protection compliance program to carry out this policy and common knowledge enforces this on our employee or other people concerned and carries it out and maintains it and improves it continuously.




Establishment, December 12, 2008

Revision, May 21, 2009

CEO, Revocommunity Corp.

Shojiwo Chino




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